Masahiro MIKAMI 

Ph.D. in Economics

   Associate Professor, School of Business Administration, Meiji University

   Economics of Institutions and Organizations (including 'Old', 'New' and Modern Institutional Economics, especially alternative theories of the firm)

   Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics, 2007-present
   The Japanese Society for the History of Economic Thought, 2010-present
   The Japan Association for Social and Economic Systems Studies, 2011-present
   The Japan Society for Economic Education, 2014-present
   World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research, 2013-present 
   European Association for Evolutionary Political Economics, 2015-present 


  • History and Methodology of New Institutional and Evolutionary Economics
    To study the relationship between new institutional and evolutionary economics and their methodological basis, reevaluating the formation, development, and transformation processes of new institutional economics that surround Ronald Coase's theories.
  • Theory of the Firm in Economics of Organization and Evolutionary Economics
    To study the integration of the following two approaches and their relationship to business administration: the one regards the market and the firm as the alternative mechanisms to allocate resources, and the other emphasizes knowledge, resource and competence inside the firm.
  • Evolution of Money and Payment System with the Information and Communication Technology
    To study the media design of network-type and smart-card-type electronic money and community currencies and its influence on transactions within communities and societies in general, using the method of gaming simulation.


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